Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking Back

Well,I successfully managed to complete that semester and I found that I finished with a few new skills as well as idea's for the future.
Assignment 1 of the course involved group work to set up a wiki and together to examine 2 technologies.
As with all group work whether face to face or online there will always be challenges. The dynamic and individual of a group were interesting and I found that 2 of us worked better as a team and 1 person seemed to prefer to work alone. In the end we have a wiki discussing online asynchronous online discussions as well as the use of blogs in the teaching and learning environment.
Our wiki is found here: teaching-learning-tech. I was able to practice a few of the skills taught within the course including links to other site and insertion of pictures and videos into the wiki.

Assignment 2 involved development of an e-learning product.Whilst I had many idea's of things that I wanted to try, ultimately I designed a product that I would definitely be able to use in my work day life. Using the "survey monkey" technology I designed a survey to distribute to nurses to find there perceived learning needs. It has not yet been distributed ( hoops that must be jumped through in the public sector!)

The outcome of the course is that it made me aware of how much technology can help us as we teach and interact with students.
Since completing this s semester I have applied for and received a grant ti develop an e -portfolio system for the recording of Continuous Professional Development and Competency for Nurses. I would like to some how include blogging within the system as a reflective tool will have to see how it all works out!.

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