Saturday, March 17, 2012

Learning and Teaching with Technology

Well this is my first post on my new Blog "Tertiary Teaching and Learning" I will be using this blog
to support my learning during the course of Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education.

I will eventually have links to my wiki and possibly a website if I find that will support my endeavours.
In a way I am lucky in that I have previously used blogging but in a totally different context. My previous blog was an attempt to educate and empower woman when making choices about child birth.My challenge their was to keep it updated. Since my focus has changed I think that will no longer be a problem.

So how can I use blogging to enrich learning?
In a way it almost seems that a blog in theory could replace the "lecturer " in the front if the class! Well not really but it will certainly add a new dimension and access to students.So what would we lack in the blog -well the face to face contact for sure but through comments there is an interaction that can occur between teacher and learner and between learners.
Questions can be posed that invite the participants to interact by commenting.The skill is in asking the right questions that attract the reader to get involved and make the comment.

What I like about the blog is that you can design it to be a 1 stop shop for everything the student needs.
Links to videos to explain or reinforce a point.
Links to other websites that will enrich the learning or offer resources to the learner.
Links to text books that are required or suggested and can be purchased on line.

Having RSS feeds ensure that those who wish to be updated can subscribe and be alerted when new topics are posted.
The ability to link new posts to facebook and twitter allow the users to be alerted to new material that is published.

So far I have looked at blogging only as a platform for me as the teacher to "speak" to the student.
I need to look at blogging from the other side too. How would a students use of a blog enrich their learning and how will I as the teacher be able to assess this as a learning activity?

Well that can be for next time...

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